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LEEHWAIK Gallery 20th Anniversary - Part II

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Key takeaways

1. A group exhibition celebrating LEEHWAIK Gallery's 20 year anniversary (Part II)

2. The exhibition brings together notable works by the artists including Ahn Doo Jin, Cha Young Seok, Choi, Byung Jin, Choi Yeong Geol, Ha Ji Hoon, Jeong Bo Young, Kim Mee Young, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Lee Nam, Noh Jun, Park Sang Mi, Yi Hwan Kwon

Twenty years has already passed since LEEHWAIK GALLERY was inaugurated. Beginning its operation in Insa-dong in September 2001, the gallery transferred to Songhyeon-dong in 2006 and has worked from there for 15 years.

In regards to the gallery, lots of things come to mind. Most noteworthy are the amazing changes the artists who fell into a relationship with our gallery have undergone. A number of artists who exhibited their works in our gallery are currently working as key figures in the Korean art scene. That is really amazing. And, rising artists engrossed in their creative activity in company with the gallery display their outstanding ability. The future of the Korean art community will remain bright and promising. We are proud of being part of this history.

I was broken-hearted at the fact that superb artworks were unknown internally and externally and often stayed out of the limelight. So I have worked hard to cultivate art markets. The gallery has domestically participated in the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) and Art Busan every year and consistently taken part in the Daegu Art Fair. What counts in the globalized era is to promote Korean artists and their works in overseas markets. To this end, the gallery has steadily joined oversea art shows such as Abu Dhabi Art, Art Stage Singapore, ART London, LA Art Show, Scope Basel, Art Central Hong Kong, and Art Miami. We have achieved more success than expected. Now our artists can stand outstandingly in the global art scene.

I have thought for a long time that both gallery and artist are able to coexist in a certain institutional framework. I thus settled an exclusive artist system when working as the president of the Galleries Association of Korea from 2017 to 2019. I would venture to say that this helped Korean galleries engage lively in their activities.

We at LEEHWAIK GALLERY still have a dream. That is to assist, support, and encourage artists who have been with us to become great masters in contemporary Korean art and world art history. This is not only our gallery’s dream but also our reality we have faced in history. I earnestly ask our collectors to trust this dream and gladly join us.

The gallery donated part of the proceeds from its 10th anniversary exhibition to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. Such a donation will go on as long as the gallery continues to exist. This derives from our conviction that beauty of art always goes together with goodness.

At present, everything is irregular and abnormal due to the outbreak of COVID-19. And yet, we seem to more desperately seek art than before. Marking the 20th anniversary of the gallery, we try to make a new start with our initial resolution. We’d like to assure you of our determination and mindset.

August 2021
Lee Hwaik and all the members of the staff by LEEHWAIK GALLERY