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Shiori Eda: A water world

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Key takeaways

1. Shiori Eda’s ‘Quiet Time 1’ displays the exacting brushwork of a master super-photorealist

2. Eda’s rendering of well-preserved remains is a humbling reminder of our tenuous relationship with the massive and uncompromising force that is nature


Mar 28 - May 19, 2019


A2Z Art Gallery

A2Z Art Gallery

Hong Kong


Continuing to develop her surrealist universe, the Japanese artist Shiori Eda’s artistry enkindles among her audience, a suppressed desire to re-evaluate humanity and the environment. Vast imaginary landscapes, conceptualise mother natures stage while oceanic arenas are enchanted with her figuration. Eda’s signature, naked, female figures elicit an important dialogue about femininity in Japanese culture whilst managing to allegorically evoke an emotional response that echoes humanities inertia toward climate change, the planet and mother nature.

Water has been called “the elixir of life” and is often taken as a metaphor for human emotion, life, cleansing, birth and rebirth. As the tides vary with the moons cycles ebbing and flowing in natural harmony, our true wisdom shall only emerge when the seas are calm. Waves crash with emotions and tides rage in the storms fury, the inner voice of humanity only to be heard when the drowning of the waves surpasses.

The Japanese artist displays highly detailed, acute brushwork and composition, which enable the observer to be transported to the aerial view of her domain. On zooming in and scrutinising Shiori Eda’s uncompromised masterpieces, one can be instigated to reflect on the cultural insensitivities that might well be domestic to her native Japan, while contemplating our own efforts as individuals in society.