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Gently Down the Stream

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Key takeaways

1. American and Lower East Side debut for Hungarian-born painter Szilard Huszank, who brings a psychedelic color palette to phantasmagorical landscapes

2. Working in creamy oils and evanescent watercolors, Huszank’s waterfalls, bold formations, and woodland vistas describe picturesque scenes


Feb 20 - Mar 31, 2019


Foley Gallery

Foley Gallery

New York


Foley Gallery is pleased to present Gently Down the Stream, a solo exhibition featuring paintings by Szilard Huszank. This will be the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery and first in the United States.

Small streams and waterfalls, felled trees and forests are the revered subjects in landscapes that Huszank explores with vibrant, near psychedelic colors. The oils are spread thick in long cascading gestures, punctuated by tighter lines that define natural details of stones and branches; soft flowing water framed by more solid ground. The imagery suggests untouched, pristine landscapes far removed from the pace of an urban world. The colors and content invite us into a fresh atmosphere, forcing the eye to readjust with newly assigned colors to each changing landscape.

“Szilard not only employs different techniques of applying paint but also makes particular use of the potential impact of color. Seemingly spatial pictorial passages are purposefully de-familiarized by means of an antinaturalistic use of color and the sometime aggressively flickering color contrasts oppose spatial effects.” (Martin Hellmold)

Szilard Huszank was born in 1980 in Miskolc, Hungary. He currently lives and works near Augsburg, Germany. He studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nuremberg, Germany. Solo exhibitions include galleries in Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg and Freiburg, Germany.