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Eat Me!

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Key takeaways

1. A curated exhibition by Mickey Boardman, who has been at the forefront of cultivating the New York City landscape of art, culture and fashion

2. The exhibition engages with Boardman's discerning and humorous curatorial approach, featuring a collection of food art and his portraits by other artists


Jul 15 - Aug 12, 2023


Trotter & Sholer

Trotter & Sholer

New York



Mickey Boardman


Anna Bak-Kvapil

Colette Bernard

Jon Burgerman

Dietmar Busse

Lorie Caval

Maggie Cowles

Bill Cunningham

Amy Davis

Phyllis Diller

Adam Dressner

Bri Foster

Tobie Giddio

Richard Haines

Kenya Hanley

Robert Hawkins

Rohan Joglekar

Bernie Kaminski

Carol Joo Lee

Alessandro Levato

Scott Lifshutz

Ashley Longshore

Clint Machado

Michael McGregor

Eric Mcnatt

Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Christina Nicodema

Pajtim Osmanaj

Istog, Kosovo

Michael Pellew

Richard Phibbs

Elizabeth Saloka

Kate Schelter

Alex Stern

Los Angeles

Marika Thunder

New York

Noah Verrier

Nick Waplington

Maayan Zilberman


Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis


Trotter&Sholer presents Eat Me!, an exhibition curated by and celebrating Mickey Boardman.

Mickey Boardman has been at the forefront of cultivating the New York City landscape of art, culture and fashion. Also known as Mr. Mickey, Boardman, now editor at large, has been with the iconic Paper Magazine since 1992. Once named one of New York City’s most photographed faces by Curbed Magazine, Boardman is a fixture of what is cool. His maximalist approach to decorating his downtown apartment, reveals his respect for objects. His thoughtfully curated collection of art and curiosities are like a treasure map of his friends, interests, and taste.

For many years, Boardman, like so many Americans struggled with his weight and the impact it had on his self-image. Boardman penned the column Fat And All That for Paper Magazine and noted, “ironically, even after losing 39 pounds I’m still officially obese according to the BMI chart. And I have no final weight loss goal. I was happy 39 pounds ago and I’m happy now.” Eat Me! is a celebration of that happiness while honoring the struggles and challenges faced in that journey.

Eat Me! employs Boardman’s discerning, if unrestrained, curatorial approach. More is more, but only if the more is right. A collection of food art and portraits of Boardman, this exhibition is a celebration of self. It is a curated glimpse into Mickey’s notion of who Mickey is. Sharing food is an intimate act, and the curation of this exhibition is an act of vulnerability on the part of its curator. It is a public exploration of the self.

Boardman has helped document and define culture for decades. Eat Me! is his latest moment of culture creation, bringing together artwork and ephemera in a moment of bold self-expression.