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Lucas Kaiser: Down at the Green Meadow

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Key takeaways

1. A solo presentation by a young German artist, Lucas Kaiser who mainly uses pencils to form multiple layers on flat paper

2. The theme of Kaiser's work is uncanny situations that emerge from everyday life while he practices this strategy through the contradiction between image and narrative


Jan 27 - Feb 25, 2023






ThisWeekendRoom represents Lucas Kaiser, a young artist based in Leipzig, Germany. Lucas mainly uses pencils to form multiple layers on flat paper. The theme throughout his work is uncanny situations that emerge from everyday life, and he practices this strategy through the contradiction between image and content. The shades and colors embodied over a long time simultaneously create a cheerful and bizarre atmosphere. The myriad trajectories on the screen reflect the artist's tenacious working attitude.

The exhibition's title, Down at the Green Meadow, is one of the old German folk songs with repetitive verses. For instance, verse such as "Bough on the branch, branch on the tree, tree in the meadow" goes after "Branch on the tree, tree in the meadow". The contents of this song, like any oral folk tale and fairy tale, can be revised depending on the age or taste of the listener. It might evoke an ambivalent sentiment between familiarity and antipathy when facing the unfamiliar lyrics while humming the melody. In that sense, the exhibition is like a nursery rhyme full of tricks sung by the artist. The small gaps in the meanings of puns are the material that can most effectively show the world he is fascinated by and a mechanism to summon imaginary scenes that deviate from reality.

The labor-intensive working process through pencils is the most comfortable way for the artist. The manner of drawing is a solution to control the images he creates delicately. The layers of color stacked with pencils absorb more precise gestures and pressure than any other medium, reflecting the artist's childhood memories of puzzling toys such as dominoes and Lego. Moreover, the drawing style is reminiscent of fairy tales, flower and tree iconography, and the human figure somewhere between infant and adult evokes nostalgia for childhood and nature. But at the same time, the smudged face, frowning expression, and pose as if they have been hit or fallen by someone offset the peaceful atmosphere and give a subtle discomfort. Additionally, animals that often appear in the drawings also fulfill this role. Large and small creatures and objects become small pieces within the screen that complete shallow tricks and distortion. In this way, the artist tries to offer a fresh stimulus for the audience by putting embarrassing images in the idyllic landscape and juxtaposing the appealing and the horrible things.

Born in Erding, Germany, the artist received diploma degree from the Academy of Visual Arts at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig and is now in the postgraduate course at the same academy under professor Anne Speier. Along with the degree show expected this year, he has participated in several exhibitions, including his solo show (2021) and group show (2022) in Gallery Kleindienst, where they used to collaborate with renowned artists such as Rosa Loy and Tilo Baumgartel. The fundamental concern about the structure of modern society and the way of consuming images that originated from the Leipzig School leads the artist to consider the way of being of contemporary fine art beyond the precedent of his reference group. This exhibition aims to showcase the distinct personality and ingenious works of young New Leipzig School(Neue Leipziger Schule) artist and pay attention to the flow of painting in a radically changing era.