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Still/Life – Contemporary Dutch Photography

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Key takeaways

1. Introducing the still life from Vanitas, the 17th century’s Dutch still-life painting, along with the unique and creative photography works of young generation Dutch artists


May 3 - May 30, 2018


KF Gallery, KF Global Center

KF Gallery, KF Global Center




Jaap Scheeren & Hans Gremmen

Scheltens & Abbenes

Melanie Bonajo

Kim Boske

Krista van der Niet

Elspeth Diederix

Fleur van Dodewaard

Uta Eisenreich

Marnix Goossens

Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky

Ola Lanko

Lernert & Sander

Blommers & Schumm

Johannes Schwartz

Ingmar Swalue

Anne de Vries

Qiu Yang

Korea Foundation and Dutch Embassy Korea presents Still/Life – Contemporary Dutch Photography from May 3rd through 30th at KF Gallery, Seoul. The exhibition showcases approximately 70 artworks, including 17 representative photographies and videos of Dutch artists.

The exhibition, consisted of photographies of traditional still-life in the Netherlands, was initially presented at Foam (Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, one of the most renowned art museums in the Netherlands.) A number of celebrated Dutch artists such as Melaine Bonajo, who has been introduced in Korea many times, take part in the exhibition.

Still-life genre, which was a major topic from the beginning of modern photography, still deeply inspires many photographers. This exhibition shows the changing history of photography as a media with modern still-life in various forms through the works of Dutch photographers, who deal with the classical still-life genre.

Vanitas, a collection of flowers and fruits, is a new visual language for contemporary artists, peculiar to the artistic imagination of Vanitas(A style of still-life, representing the 17th century’s Dutch painting. It generally symbolizes the brevity of human life). This exhibition introduces the still life from Vanitas through the unique and creative works of young generation artists.

On the theme of Still Life Photography, a special lecture by Marcel Feil, Deputy Director of the Foam Photography Museum will be held on Thursday, May 3 at 7pm. He holds a variety of exhibitions at the Foam Photography Museum and is also an editor of Foam Magazine, an international photography magazine. In addition to his lecture on exhibition, he will also talk about the internationally acclaimed Dutch photography community.

The entry to the exhibition is free. The gallery is open from 11am to 8pm on weekdays and from 11am to 5pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sunday and national holidays. For any inquires upon curator’s talks, docent tours and etc., please contact us. (Website: www.kf.or.kr / E-mail: kfcenter@kf.or.kr)