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Woopsyang, Wang Seonjeong: I My Me Mine

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Key takeaways

1. A two-person exhibition of latest paintings by two Korean artists, Woopsyang and Wang Seonjeong, who project their lives and appearances into their works


Jul 6 - Jul 30, 2022






UARTSPACE is pleased to announce Woopsyang & Wang Seonjeong’s two-person exhibition I My Me Mine from July 6 to July 30, 2022.

We are deeply moved and comforted by artists’ works that express one’s feelings and thoughts in honesty. Art enriches our lives, and artworks reflect artists’ creativity and individuality. So, every artwork is a very personal result.

Similar to Expressionist paintings, which focus on conveying emotions and sensations emerged by the artist, the works by Woopsyang and Wang SeonJeong, who do not hesitate to express themselves, have similar qualities although they are different.

Woopsyang and Wang Seonjeong are artists who project their lives and appearances into their works. They are honest and bold in expressing their emotions and do not show any hesitation in talking about themselves. Every brushstroke contains their emotions, as well as their warmth and beauty.

Woopsyang 's works are sensuous and intuitive with vivid, raw colors. It's not serious but has depth, yet it doesn't lose its wit. The coldness of fluorescent light is balanced with the warm gaze of the artist. Woopsyang actively engages in various activities, and also expresses a creative and humorous gaze in the painting.

For Wang Seonjeong, the process of painting is a joyous experience and a driving force in her life. Wang releases stress and seeks tranquility and happiness through her artistic practice. In her work, the story is constantly revealed, reproduced, overcome, and unfolded. Tragedy in her work acts as a method and becomes a tool to tell our life stories. Multiple descriptions of emotions are expressed with an abundance of colors.

Woopsyang and Wang Seonjeong do not necessarily depict darkness with gloomy colors and joy with bright colors. They dissolve themselves in their works, so the artist becomes the work, and the work becomes the artist. Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is excessive attention on the art industry. The overheated art market is unfamiliar and unclear, but we agree that it is natural that art was chosen as an escape, as it offers a sense of relief from the very frustrated and unexpected reality.

For this reason, this two-person exhibition is most relevant and precious, as Woopsyang and Wang Seonjeong care deeply about the groundwork and do not hold back in expressing themselves with honesty.