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How Partnering with Eazel Works

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    Start Talking With Us

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    Schedule a Demo and Meeting with Our Team

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    We Make and Archive Your Valuable Exhibition in 3D VR

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    Share Your Exhibition with More People around the World

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  • Start Talking with Us

    We always welcome your request for demo and new partnership. Of course, it could be difficult to understand Eazel service since archiving physical exhibitions with VR technology at massive scale and sharing them with people from all around the world have never existed before. By partnering with us, our team believes that we are opening a new phase of art history together.

    For partnering and demo request, please click a link here to start : Ask for Partnering

  • Schedule a Demo and Meeting with Our Team

    When you submit a request for demo or partnership, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible via email or phone call. Then, we will provide you with more detail terms about our service, and once both parties agree on the terms, we schedule a possible date for VR filming your exhibition with 3D-depth Camera.

  • We Make and Archive your Valuable Exhibition in 3D VR

    Our team will visit your gallery or institution at the scheduled filming date in order to conduct our VR filming service. A number of hours taking for VR varies depending on the size of your space, but it normally takes 2-3 hours for a space size around 2,100 sqft. We conduct this process very carefully since we value your space and artists’ artworks. After the VR filming is done successfully, our content team will reach out to you to get necessary information about the exhibition for the best content creation. Once our filming team submits the data to Eazel AWS server, it goes through some automatic and manual processes to make your exhibition in full VR experience. After these processes are done, Eazel’s VR tech team will tirelessly work to edit it to make it look nice, and our content team will add captions for individual artworks, overview of exhibition, and audi-tour to VR experience.

  • Share Your Exhibition with More People around the World

    Now, it’s time to share your great exhibition with the world. Your gallery or institution is not confined to your geographical location anymore. We all know that people understand art the best when they view it in the actual exhibition space. Through Eazel, make more fans of your space and archive your valuable exhibitions permanently.

“Eazel is breaking the boundary of art with the best technology means of our time.”

- Eric Yoon, CEO / Co-founder of Eazel -

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Many Art Institutions Are Already Showcasing Their Awesome Exhibitions Through Eazel via Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

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