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Digital Art Fair XPERIENCE Hong Kong 2022 presents “Jacky Tsai’s Golden 10 Years”

Luke Chapman

Oct 25, 2022

Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 opened its door on October 20, running until November 6, in Asia Standard Tower in Hong Kong. The highly anticipated high-tech fine art fair proudly presents over 400 digital artworks by over 70 world-class artists with 150 galleries and partners.


The world's leading Chinese contemporary pop artist, London-based Jacky Tsai, has been selected as this year’s edition of the Digital Art Fair’s “Digital artist of the year”. Renowned for his work that transcends Chinese and Western culture - symbolic fusion’s of Eastern and Western art and imagery - spannning a wide range of artistic mediums. Tsai’s first ever immersive artwork, he says “is indeed a breakthrough of his career”, combining 10 years of his best works with the goal to create “genuinely Chinese digital artwork with unique East-meets-West cultural elements, style, logic, value and thoughts”.


Alongside different forms of physical and digital art presented throughout the fair’s signature “immersive zone”, Tsai’s work is rarely seen in a holographic form. The immersive zone was created in collaboration with Hong Kong Film - award winning director, Victor Wong, Jay Chau the “King of Mandopop” and the prestigious Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Tsai's selection showcases a range of physical and digital artworks - from wood carving, silk embroidery to holographic art. 


Jacky Tsai came to limelight in 2008 whilst studying Masters at Central St. Martins, London, with perhaps his best known and now iconic floral skull emblem for British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen. The skull emblem has been present in many of his artworks and is seen by Tsai himself as the best example of his vision, wanting to “use the image of the skull as something positive”. Dispelling traditional attitudes adopted for centuries in his native China, the floral skull imagery is now regarded synonymous with the artist and his work. 



Jacky Tsai in his first ever immersive art room at Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022
Courtesy of Digital Art Fair, Hong Kong



Tsai is known for his prolific graphic creations, working in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, screen printing and monoprinting. More recently his process explores ancient Chinese artistry techniques including porcelain and carving as well as pioneering digital, augmented reality, holographic works and NFTs. 


No stranger to commercial collaborations, besides his extensive work in contemporary art, Tsai has also created his own fashion label and collaborated with Lane Crawford and internationally acclaimed luxury brand Shanghai Tang. Other notable works and acclamations include a commission work for music star Jay Chou "A Parody of Jay’s music" commissioned by the pop sensation in 2019. A digital work of which is in effect a continuation of this commission work is on view at the Digital Art Fair Xperience, which Tsai says allowed him to further interpret narratives present within the original artwork. 


Speaking with Tsai while in the immersive room he divulged that although he has been creating digital artworks for over 10 years it is only recently he was able to sell this type of art, as in the past there weren't any platforms which made it possible. This not only heightened his ambition to work in so different mediums while creating his signatures such as floral skulls and blue and white porcelain and other motifs, it contributed significantly towards building his oeuvre as can be seen summarized in the 6 artworks that make up the exhibition “10 golden years”. Tsai went on to say “when the Digital Art Fair Xperience approached me about this exhibition and asked if I can exhibit both physical and digital forms, I felt it was a perfect fit!”.  Founder and Global Director, Gillian Howard also added that, “It is our great honor to present such a unique multidimensional artist like Tsai whose work preserves the best of traditional art techniques while staying on top of the art-tech trend”. 


The inaugural edition of the Digital Art Fair Hong Kong in 2021 managed to garner an impressive following of collectors in a relatively short time and this year looks to build on their success with outstanding presentations featuring local artists and works from international mega-names such as Beeple and Damien Hirst. Curating Jacky Tsai’s immersive exhibition of six works across different mediums, speaks to their focus to create a space for interplay between the audience and the digital world and where in reality a virtual artist's world can be easily interpreted.