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Exhibition Review

Hoonida Kim introduces new air sculptures at ThisWeekendRoom

Sanghee Kim

Jan 26, 2021

Hoonida Kim defines himself as a metamedia artist, and more specifically an “air sculptor". To Kim, metamedia is “media that creates media” so a computer is a prime example. This is separate to Media Art, which is not limited to specifically art, but as including a wider concept of culture. 


When producing his works, Kim tends to “start from an observation of the background objects, especially audio elements that do not exist psychophysically,” or consciously, in the space. This taps into the idea of a falling tree in a forest: if no one hears it, the audio elements of its fall do not exist “psychophysically” yet occurred physically. Kim’s “environmental apparatuses'' see the artist sculpt air and compose space in the form of installations and performance. Through this reorganisation, his artworks offer “new stimulus and cognition in which a single signifier is not fixed to a single meaning.”



Hoonida Kim in Appetizer for Indifferent Ears from A to C: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto at ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul (Jan 8-30, 2021)



Kim’s solo exhibition; Appetizer for Indifferent Ears from A to C: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto is at ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul (Jan 8-30, 2021). Here, Kim introduces a new manifesto: ‘NEO PRODUCT’ which describes a new type of product that provides the user with a new format for experiencing and appreciating art and sound, in any given space or air.




1. NEO PRODUCT makes itself useful to the user's mind.

2. NEO PRODUCT cuts off everything and makes the user focus on one thing.

3. NEO PRODUCT should be aesthetic.

4. NEO PRODUCT should be an apparatus with a clear purpose. Only then can it reveal its characteristics.

5. NEO PRODUCT should be an apparatus for long-term operation.

6. NEO PRODUCT should be continuously modified by various relationships and opinions.

7. NEO PRODUCT should make me reflect on seeing the object.


appetizers B. Sound Shower is one NEO PRODUCT which explicitly fulfills the outlined manifesto. A freestanding three-piece installation, each part is a different height and, with its highly polished finish it is aesthetically pleasing and encourages the viewer to step forward to investigate further. appetizers B. Sound Shower is accompanied by a short demonstration video, which clarifies that the work can be picked up and played with, and that visitors should participate physically. The participant can turn on appetizers B. Sound Shower by simply pushing the button on its handle, after a few seconds the bucket is ready to be used, and they can pour sound onto their hair and body. This offers a feeling of warmth and comfort; perhaps because the user immediately relates the action to having a shower, and thus the air around them is sculpted into imaginary water drops. In the current climate of the Covid-19 pandemic, appetizers B. Sound Shower could be a useful ritual - a must-have for every household after a hard day - to wash off the continuous residue of what can seem like an unending situation. 



manual for ‘appetizers B. Sound Shower’, 2021
Single channel video
Courtesy of the artist and ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul




“Until now, the purpose of products has been to increase actual efficiency and make things convenient in our daily lives. As having kept products indoors for a long time, people valued the aesthetic aspects as important as the functional aspects. Products have been required to be appropriately suited to spaces where they are placed, sometimes to have a strong presence, and asked to be made of forms that people would not get bored of even if they keep using them.”


- Hoonida Kim



The exhibition is available on view here.


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