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Artist's Frame

Richard Prince
Untitled (almost original), 2006
Pencil on paper and magazine illustration in artist's frame
111.8 x 116.8 cm (44 x 46 in.)
© 2023 Richard Prince
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Frames have been transforming artworks since the complex, personalized mountings of Gothic altarpieces. While curators and collectors often choose the frames, more artists have been designing their own frames as part of the artwork. Where once frames were a simple border between the artwork and the wall, they can now be linked directly to the artwork's content, thus becoming an extension of the piece itself and allowing artists to further express their vision and elevate the impact of their work.

American artist Richard Prince is known for producing his own frames as an integral part of his artwork. Prince's frames are often made from wood, painted in bright colors, and lined with intricate designs that complement the content of his paintings. By creating his own frames, Prince blurs the boundaries between art and design and emphasizes the importance of presentation in the overall impact of the artwork.

Other artists who have created their own frames include British painter David Hockney, who is known for making colorful, oversized frames that add a playful element to his work. German painter Gerhard Richter has designed frames that complement his abstract paintings by using simple, minimalistic style that direct the viewer's attention to the artwork itself.

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