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Art Basel in Basel, 2021
Courtesy of Art Basel

In the simplest term, an art fair is a trade show where people in the art industry gather and exchange goods (artworks) and ideas. Unlike other trade exhibitions, art fairs are fancier and aesthetically spectacular. Although not as simple as it sounds, art fairs have two main aims: sales and networking. To achieve these aims, not only trades of artworks are made at art fairs, but big and small events in and outside of the main exhibition are part of the schedule. Art professionals and collectors network and share knowledge and information in person through dinners and after-parties.

Art fairs often use the term “week” to dedicate the entire week to the fair: Art Basel Miami Beach Week, Armory Week, or Frieze Week. During the art fair week, there are also satellite events around the city aligned with the main art fair. The events include a wide variety of programs from smaller-scaled art fairs to extravagant opening parties and art prizes.

Art fairs goers are not restricted to the location of their residency. Galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts fly around the globe to participate in international art fairs; it is a significant part of the world of contemporary art. There are many art fairs around the world and this supplementary article will introduce five art fairs along with other programs worth giving attention to, and non-commercial art spaces to visit during the fair.

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