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<i>Road Trip</i> image


Acrylic on canvas

35 x 80 inches (88.9 x 203.2 cm)

Courtesy of the artist and Miles McEnery Gallery, New York, NY


Patrick Wilson, a Los Angeles based painter, continues his pursuit of seduction, beauty, and pleasure through the language of Geometric Abstraction. Wilson utilizes form, color, and value unapologetically to create dynamic compositions that walk the line between the intensity of structure and the joy of intuition.

Elusive in materiality and name-ability of colors employed, Wilson’s paintings demand time, allowing perception to slowly reveal their inner workings. Refusing to control the beholder, Wilson’s paintings allow multiple points of entry, which, given time, move the eye through and across a space that is never knowable but always generous in its offering.

Geometric Abstraction–and the foundational role that the West Coast has played in its history–provides the platform from which Wilson’s practice emerges. In contrast to the often monochromatic and measured coloration of his fore-bearers, Wilson unleashes the full force of color. Tangible in materiality, yet optically ephemeral, Wilson’s layers of precise color masterfully utilize the power of opacity and transparency to transform the space of his paintings.