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<i>Stranger</i> image


Oil on linen

16 x 12 inches

Courtesy of the artist and Elizabeth Harris gallery, New York


Victor Pesce is best known for his captivating still-life oil paintings. These works feature novel color relationships and spatial experiments in tightly organized compositions that propose a subtle merger of quasi-Cubist spaces and a unique form of metaphysical painting often associated with the work of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.

Intimate in scale, Pesce's works are archetypal images, and haunting, anonymous presences. Yet each implies a unique individual who can appeal to the viewer on a personal level. His more recent paintings are densely layered images frequently culled from newspaper photos. Sometimes these tight close-ups of faces are those of individuals associated with headlines of the day; several are victims of domestic terror, acts of violence, or some personal tragedy. All of Pesce's works convey a deep emotional resonance; they touch upon socio-political concerns while offering a quiet meditation on the profound volatility of everyday life.