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<i>The Pink Project - Light Writes Always in Plural</i> image

The Pink Project - Light Writes Always in Plural

Anne Katrine Senstad

Oslo, b.1967

2004 - 2007

Photographic works from color negative film

Installation view at Bjorn Ressle Gallery, New York

Courtesy of the artist


Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad works in the multi disciplinary intersections of installation art, photography, video, neon sculpture, immersive installation, land art and site specificity, with a focus on the phenomena of perception, light, sound and color, as well as critical and poetic text based works on dialectics, literature and philosophy.

Senstad is concerned with sensorial aesthetics, perception and the transformative, - the transcendental ideas of art and philosophical practice. She has examined the spatial, topological and scientific phenomena of light, sound and color since the mid 1990’s, a foundation for her explorations in the experiential and experimental. The inherent lyricism in her work, creates a bridge between psychological elements, materiality and these thematic concerns.

In her field work, she engages in cultural, social and political interactions through active, organic and personal involvement for a wider educational and collaborative platform between diverse ideologies, developing a new folklore and amalgamation between postmodern individualism and internationalism.