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Nail, acrylic on wood

320 x 100 cm
126 x 39.4 inches

Courtesy of the artist


Bong Sang Yoo relies on a reel instead of an easel and works with a nail instead of a brush—including the ones with illusions of nature, seem to deviate from the practices of Modernism, which adheres to the purity of the moment, but the alien materials introduced by the artist secure a sense of homogeneity no less than fine painting.

Moreover, the physical properties and flat application of colors, which overwhelm the representational illusion, share Modernism's progressive direction towards the purity of painting.

Yoo's works are landscapes at a large scale, but at the same time they are also abstracts. He has merely discovered a point of balance in which landscape and abstract do not conflict with one another. The dialectical relation set between the continuity of life and the instantaneousness may be explained further through the flow of art history.