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<i>The typhoon breaks tonight #1</i> image

The typhoon breaks tonight #1

Jihee Kim

Seoul, b.1983


Single channel animation


Courtesy of the artist
Image provided by SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul


“That night, the train of memories became the spark that ignited a “typhoon of the night” event that continued on as a serial process of memories that floated to the surface like fish caught in a net.

Long forgotten was the typhoon, the initial point and head of the chain, and as one memory led into another all that stood out in my memory were such things as figures, events, smell, sound, conversations, sent and received texts, and scenes from a book or movie. It is in this manner that we endlessly mistake coincidence for truth, results for causes, means for an end, our body and mind for ourselves, and ourselves for something of the immortal.

The typhoon breaks tonight #1 and #2 series set out an animation format that gives motion to my drawings, portraying a singular memory and event, and a particular moment grasped from the serial process of memories.”