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<i>Untitled 1610</i> image


Oil on canvas

81 x 131 cm

Courtesy of the artist and ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul


Soohyeok Shin has started his work from drawing maps that delineate space and time of cities he has experienced and has continued redrawing the architectures on them.

In his works, buildings that seem to float in a vacuum fill his canvas or some parts are reproduced. The buildings lead to a reconsideration of the meanings of reality and unreality, border and imagination, and representation and gaze as things whose sphere is extended to the space of imagination and mental images beyond a physical space. Man or life is formed with memories and the open world with infinite encounters with the past. The buildings he represents in his work are not mere perceptions of the past but a chain of an infinite past existing together with the present and even including the future. Shin’s differentiated research on light, color, and space discloses self‐reference and autonomy, enabling viewers to feel the flow of fluid perception and the expansion of infinite senses.