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<i>Open Stage</i> / <i>Pink Noise</i> image

Open Stage / Pink Noise

Mijung Lee

Seoul, b.1988


acrylic on wood / print on fabric

each 60 x 200 x 230 cm, 50 x 193 x 193 cm, 50 x 246 x 163 cm, 50 x 120 x 130 cm / 500 x 900 cm

©2018 Lee Mijung all rights reserved.


Mijung Lee examines the unreal which is more realistic than real. She blurs and twists the boundaries between original and its representation, exploring the relationship between real and unreal.

Lee transforms her paintings into touchable objects by creating a sculptural sense on a canvas. As a painter, Lee produces images which are converted into three-dimensional objects, thus creating a flexible scene which can be interpreted in various situations in a physical space.

Open Stage / Pink Noise, which seems very much like useful household furniture, represents the artist’s long-standing commitment to connecting two-dimensional painting with three-dimensional mediums such as sculpture and installation.