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Acrylic on canvas

71 x 51.2 inches
180 x 130 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York


Farhadian is an intellectual, a poet, and an artist. He has been teaching art in Tehran for the past ten years. His work is saturated with the city and captures a world unfamiliar to many Western viewers. Since representing Iran at the Venice Biennale in 2015, Farhadian has been recognized as one of the important leaders of the contemporary art scene in Iran.

Farhadian’s paintings effectively integrate abstract and figurative features to create dreamlike, visually stunning landscapes and city views, inhabited by people and animals commonly engaged in enigmatic acts.

His personal style fuses realistic, expressive and fictional narratives, providing a potent vehicle for his highly personal subject matters, which typically demonstrate his deep concern for Iranian contemporary history. This historical approach addresses political highlights and the everyday life experienced collectively.

His characteristic iconography originates from sources such as the overflowing vegetation of the Khazar bank in Northern Iran, famous Iranian buildings, and recent historical figures. It is this orchestrated variety that makes up Farhadian’s entirely subjective original imagery.