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<i>Aztec Patter</i> image


C-print, mixed media

216.9 x 134.9 x 83.1 cm
85.4 x 53.1 x 32.7 inches

Courtesy of the artist and Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York


Osang Gwon is an artist who endlessly indulges in the new formative structure and attempts an experimental fusion of media rather than expressing representational figurative sculpture based on modeling.

For a significant number of years, Gwon has discovered and polished the grains of a new stratum of sculpture within the various media and images.

Gwon magnified the collected images of the object, produced them on a flat surface, and then structuralized those surfaces into three- dimensions. And it presents the spatial mise-en-scene ever-changing from the movements of the viewer.

Thus he has introduced a number of series throughout diverse variations of structure. Through the series of these processes, the artist relentlessly discharged serious questions and thoughts about the sculpture per se.